Designers Introduction

Studio Fabritius is a new design studio consisting of Marlou Kramer and her brother Tim Kramer.

Marlou has a background as an interior designer. She studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and then she studied architecture at the Technical University of Delft. For years she has worked as a freelance interior designer, but her passion for product design has been increasing over the years. Eventually she decided to bite the bullet and started together with Tim the Delft design office Studio Fabritius, named after the Delft painter of the Dutch Golden Age: Carel Fabritius.

Tim is in the field of designing self-taught. Although he has worked for years in another field, art and design has always been a passion for him. He studied history and art history at Leiden. He also took courses sculpture, metalwork, photography and web design.

With the establishment of Studio Fabritius Marlou and Tim now join forces together and provide contribution each with their own unique background to their common passion: creating art and design. The designs are characterized by the clear, spatial and structural design. Here we clearly recognize Marlou 's architectural background. With its design Studio Fabritius is in line with the characteristics of Dutch Design.

The collection is currently still modest in size, but during the time it will continue to expand with design products, lamps and furniture that occasionally will have an interface with art. The art-related products are produced in limited numbers and are handmade.




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