Carel Fabritius

The painter Carel Fabritius, who lived from 1622 to 1654, is the namesake of our studio. He was born in the Beemster and the last years of his life he lived and worked in Delft. Fabritius was a talented pupil of Rembrandt and he was one of the few who managed to break away from the style of his teacher. In his Delft period his style became lighter and smoother and the use of colour was brighter. He was praised for its subtle light display, his compositions and use of perspective. He was thus, in turn, a source of inspiration for the other, more famous Delft painter, Johannes Vermeer.

Unfortunately only 15 of his works have been preserved. Fabritius died already at the age of 32. During the great explosion of the Kruithuis in Delft on 12 October 1654, he was severely wounded in his studio and died the same day from his injuries. It is believed that many of his works has been destroyed during the fire. Of the works that have survived the View of Delft (1652) and The Goldfinch (1654) are the best known. The latter is also the inspiration for our own logo.


The name Fabritius comes from the Latin word faber, which means craftsman. Probably Fabritius chosen this name because he started his career as a carpenter.His skills as both carpenter and artist are qualities we also like to unite in our studio by making our own designed home accessories and furniture and by creating unique artworks.






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